Google Apps

Send productivity sky high with cloud technology.

The Google Apps suite of cloud applications from DewMaker Design, Inc. can be customized to meet the specific needs of your unique business. Need solutions for email, web sites, collaboration and more? Google Apps is the answer. At DewMaker Design, our Google Apps services include implementation, migration and support, so your business can enjoy all the advantages with none of the frustrations.

Our no-hassle Google Apps solutions include:

  • Gmail - reliable and dynamic email solutions
  • Google Calendar - shared scheduling
  • Google Chat - instant messaging
  • Google Drive & Spreadsheets - online document hosting and collaboration
  • Google Sites - team site creation and publishing
  • Start Page - a single, customizable access point for all applications
  • Google Video - Web-based access for your video needs
  • Google Security & Compliance - to better protect your business

With Google Apps, your employees can communicate and stay connected like never before, whenever and wherever they work. Top-notch security comes as standard with email, scheduling and instant messaging solutions that can be accessed with ease across browsers and devices and integrated with other popular systems like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and more.

Google Apps also enable secure, real-time collaboration among workgroups of all sizes, with hosted word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations that allow your staff to work with the applications they already know and love, only more effectively.

For a solution that delivers productivity and reduces IT workload with a hosted solution that gets teams working together fast - without the need to add extra hardware or software to your existing system - look no further than Google Apps.

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Google Apps.

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