Hosted Solutions

Make it easy to stay up-to-date

You already know that your business needs the latest and best software to stay at the top of its game. But high costs can get in the way. Enter Hosted Solutions from DewMaker Design, which help you skirt the usual expense of top-grade IT and stop your company from having to compromise.

With Hosted Solutions, you can avoid the costs of purchasing, licensing and hosting your own applications by allowing us to host the applications and software for you.

Hosted Solutions from DewMaker Design offer:

  • Hosted Intuit QuickBooks – relieve the strain of financial and accounting matters
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – ensure email reliability and safety
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint – promote teamwork and make collaboration easier
  • Custom Application Hosting – tailor-made service and support for your individual business needs

Let DewMaker Design manage your applications and hardware infrastructure and you’ll save yourself from the massive upfront costs you would otherwise expect, along with the ongoing expense of IT service management.

Opt for Hosted Solutions from DewMaker Design and we’ll provide you with the latest technology solutions without the hassle.

Find out how Hosted Solutions can bring you more efficiency, streamlining and profitability.

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